Friday, August 7, 2009

Rockstar Juiced Review

This is it, my new favorite energy drink. It tastes like a fruit juice with no traceable Rockstar aftertaste. It is not as sweet as the Rockstar Punched, which makes it even easier to drink and enjoy. The label says it is supposed to taste like mango, orange and passion fruit, but all I really detect is the overpowering taste of mango with some citrus hints. I cannot really taste the passionfruit, but that doesn't ruin the overall experience. The label also states 50% of the drink is 50% juice, which I doubt a little because beverages that contain a lot of juice usually cost more than $2.50 CAD per can. Even if the 50% juice content is not all that true, I would still buy this again as it tastes excellent.

The energy content is the same as all the other Rockstar drinks - 160 mg per can. It pepped me up enough and maintained that high for several hours.

Cost - 8.5/10
Taste - 9.1/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 25.1/'s good


  1. Do they still sell the 50% juice formulation in Canada? It's down to 10% here in the States. Been that way for years.

    1. Yes, but it is much rarer to see it these days. I think it might be just old stock that is running out.