Friday, August 7, 2009

Rockstar Punched Review

Rockstar fruit drinks in my opinion are better tasting than the other big guys - Monster and amp. You really don't get the taste of the regular Rockstar when you buy one of their Juiced flavors, which might mean that each flavor is developed separately and not based on the regular one...absolutely no fact checking was done here.

Rockstar Punched is a bit different - it is very, very sweet. Too sweet for my taste but I appreciate the lack of the typical Rockstar taste and aftertaste. For that I would give it some bonus points. OK, onto the taste - if you have ever had fruit punch that has been sweetened
to ungodly heights then you have pretty much sampled Rockstar Punched. If you haven't had sweet fruit punch, then I suggest you go get some , add some sugar to it and have a sip. It would be much cheaper to try it that way before you commit to Rockstar Punched. Sure you will not get the energy rush, but I am focusing on the taste at the moment. I will be addressing the energy boost real soon...reaaaaal soon.

OK, time to address the energy boost. You get the standard caffeine dose of 160 mg per can plus whatever else from the sugar. Nothing else to say here.

Cost - 8.5/10...cost only $2.49 CAD
Taste - 8.2/10...a bit too sweet for me, but some might enjoy the fruit punch taste
Energy - 7.5/10...pretty standard for a 473 mL can

Overall - 24.2/30...very good, but the Rockstar Juiced drinks are a bit better tasting

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