Saturday, September 26, 2009

Red Rave Energy Drink Review

I have not seen this drink many places but have heard that it is very similar to Red Bull, but much cheaper of course. I found this at a local convenience store for $1.99 CAD. You might say that this is not so much cheaper than Red Bull, but I have a surprise for you. The store was selling them 5 for $5, which is way cheaper than Red Bull, it is even cheaper than Red Rain. I have seen these for sale at Costco for something like $15 for a case of 24, mind you that was a couple of years ago and the price might have changed.

This does not have the most appealing label, in fact, it looks worse than Red Rain. Both Red Rain and Red Rave are made by the same company - Cott Beverages Canada, but I just don't understand why you would not sell them the same places. Anyways, it is time for me to drink this.

OK, I know why the two brands are not sold at the same places. Red Rave tastes exactly like the original Red Rain - a lot like Red Bull, but slightly diluted and with a lot more citric acid for that extra sour taste and cleaner aftertaste. I guess Cott do not want these two brands to fight over turf so they sell them at different locations. The place where I got this did not have Red Rain, I double checked. I think I will go back to the store and take advantage of the 5 for $5 deal because there are a couple of other flavours of Red Rain, which I assume are the same as some of the other Red Rain flavours.

I don't even think I should talk about the energy boost I got from this one because it was the same as the Red Rain one and the Red Bull one.

Cost - $1.99 CAD per can or 5 for $5
Taste - 8.3/10...I just love that Red Bull flavour and this really adds a little something to it with the level of sourness
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 14.3/20...a very, very cheap Red Bull alternative if you can find it in stores


  1. I Found these at my local costco 16.99 for 24. Also find they taste like redbull but far cheaper (Redbull was $37 for a case of 24). I find them really good!

  2. I found these at my local Costco here in southwestern Ontario for, get this, $5.99 for a case of 24!! So we bought 6 cases.

    Best bang for your buck. They were on sale, just an fyi. They go back up to $12. It's a good alternative to Red Bull, does the job well.

  3. In Ontario here. Bought a 24-pack at Costco last night for $14.99. Tastes great, prefer it over Red Bull, especially when price is taken into consideration.

  4. Thanks to your recommendation I bought these at Costco - 24 for $16.79. Not only half the price of Red Bull but I like the taste WAY better. I too enjoy the sourness of Red Rave. Thanks for the great review! You saved me money and I love the flavor.

  5. Bought Red rave last week in Toronto, case of 24 for 11.99 at Costco..redbull was 42.99 lol. Red rave just gained a new customer! Taste and effectiveness same as redbull

  6. Costco has quit selling Red Rave, But Super Store in selling Red Rain, made by same company.

    1. No they didn't. I just found a whole crap load at Costco. Usually I buy AMP but they where out so I thought I'd give this Red Rave a try $15.00 for 36 cans.

  7. My local Costco still sell Red Rave (Quebec City). I am going to buy some on my lunch time. Thanks for all your reviews !

  8. Seen recently my local mini mart mustve dropped their contract with cotts as theyve switched to this. Also these are the small cans. You can get the bigger ones & 5 hr. energy sized at dollarama while ive seen the small other flavours at dollar tree