Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saskatoon Berry Beaver Soda Review

I went to another 7-11 last night and I came across Beaver Soda, from the same guys who make the Beaver Buzz Energy Drinks. Don't expect to find any caffeine in the sodas, they are just soft drinks. This one has the same flavour as the berry flavoured Beaver Buzz Energy Drink. Their
website says that there are 4 different kinds of Beaver Soda, but the 7-11 I went to only sold 3 of them. The cans are identical to the Beaver Buzz cans but cost only $1.59 CAD.

This soda tastes absolutely great, better than the berry Beaver Buzz energy drink. The taste is more fruity, yet not too sweet. There is a very nice crisp berry aftertaste that is a bit tart. The prolonged aftertaste is even better. Once the tart taste goes away, the only thing present is the delicious berry taste, which makes you want to drink another can or go to the store and get some berries. There is only complaint I have, the soda is way too carbonated which makes it difficult to drink at once when cold. I think the lack of "energy" ingredients makes this more enjoyable to drink than the saskatoon berry energy drink.

Cost - $1.59 CAD per can
Taste - 9.0/10

Overall - 9/10...this is a great alternative to the Jones Sodas you can pick up for around the same price

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