Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blitz Energy Mint Review

It costs $3.19 CAD at 7-11 and comes in 2 different flavours - peppermint and spearmint. Each mint contains 55 mg of caffeine and is freaking huge.

At first the mints taste the same as any other breath mints - very fresh. Give it a minute and a bitter taste will slowly start coming. The mint texture is also very rough and rather crumbly. You can kind of taste the green tea, but don't expect the taste to be the same as the Nestea Iced Green Tea drinks, this one is more bitter. After a couple of minutes the bitterness becomes dominant and the sweet, minty taste takes the background. Expect this taste to last for several minutes. The taste will then revert back to the original minty taste, but with a bitter note. There is a very distant minty, green tea aftertaste, which is more like the aftertaste you get from drinking an energy drink with green tea - Green Tea Beaver Buzz. The mint aftertaste lasts about the same as any other decent mint. I don't think I will be buying these again, but I will definitely try the peppermint flavour and perhaps some of the other energy mints 7-11.

The energy is real, it is not like the other mints you get places, the ones that say that are energy mints, but you have to eat a dozen or so to feel a buzz. I experienced a nice energy boost within 10 minutes of taking one. It works.

Cost - $3.19 CAD per 8 mint pack
Taste - 9/10 at first, then 4/10, then 7/10...I would give it an average of 6.67/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 12.67/20...if you can handle the taste in the middle, this is not a bad energy booster to carry around with you.

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