Monday, November 16, 2009

Hardcore Energize Bullet Black Rush Review

There was a crate of these with a big $0.99 sticker at the local convenience store, how could I resist? I cannot recall the regular price, but I think it is either $2.99 CAD or $3.49 CAD. The only problem was that the store only had the Black Rush flavour and not the regular one. I love that test tube container, it feels so indestructible. Well, what do you know, there is a little paragraph on the back of the label, which states "Virtually Unbreakable Container". Also don't worry, I checked the Health Canada page about this product and this does not have one of the four lot numbers that was subject to tampering.

After a quick shake, I cracked the test tube open. The first thing that hit me was a cherry like smell with a medicine undertone. From the second sniff I only got the cherry aroma. Wow, this thing drinks quick. I tipped it a little to have a sip and I consumed almost half the shot all at once. I think it is that large opening the test tube has. All other energy shots have a very narrow opening which requires you to either suck the shot out, or take multiple sips. The taste is not bad. It is of black cherries with a minimal medicine undertone which gets lost among the flavour. There is no bitterness or too much artificial sweetener. The aftertaste is clean, a bit sour at the back of the mouth and dry. I am surprised at how well this tasted.

The label says "Works in Five Minutes", which is almost true. I felt a rush just ten minutes after taking the first sip. At first it was a slow and steady rise in my energy level, but five minutes after that I felt a torrent of energy. The good thing is that it was clean energy and I wasn't jittery. I was feeling fantastic for about 4 hours and I did not experience a crash. This is definitely the best energy shot I have had.

Cost - $0.99 CAD on sale, or $3.49 CAD regular price
Taste - 7.5/10
Energy - 10/10

Overall - 17.5/ energy shot I have had yet. The taste is great and the kick is excellent

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