Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Headshot Apple Slam Mega Energy Shot Review

We in Ontario, and Canada in general, do not get to experience most of the energy drinks sold in the US or around the World, and those that do come here take their sweet time. This is the case with the shot I will be trying today - Headshot. I came across a small display at a Mac's gas station last night so I picked up the last of the Apple Slam flavour. I checked out the shot online only to find that this has been on sale in the US for a couple of years now. The shot is not made in the US, but it has been on sale there for some time. It is made in Thailand, the land that gave us the original Red Bull, which I have to pick up and review one day.

The first thing that I noticed was the size of this thing, it is colossal compared to all the other energy shots that were around it. At 118 mL it truly is a mega energy shot. The one thing I don't get is that fact that someone wrote "energy drink" right under the name Headshot. Look at the photo, I am not lying. You can see the phrases "energy shot" and "energy drink" on the same label. I like the design of the label, but I don't like the label itself. It has a very cheap feel to it, especially on the back where you can see that it has been cut on an angle so the text is also on an angle. Enough fondling the package, lets open it and drink it.

After a shake I opened the top and was greeted by the usual energy shot foam with a blast of sweet aroma resembling that of Red Bull. The taste is similar to that of Red Bull and I can't really the apples in this shot. I assume the apples used are granny smith to give the drink a crisp sour bite, but the manufacturers could have used Fuji or Golden Delicious. But soon after I was finished with the shot, a slight hint of sweet apples started to emerge in the aftertaste. Yes, I do believe that the manufacturer used a different type of apple flavour for this shot. Overall the taste is very mellow and does not have any hints of the energy ingredients, which make drinking thing shot enjoyable.

There are two reasons why you cannot taste the energy ingredients in the shot - there are only 80 mg of caffeine, and the shot is quite large so the contents have been diluted. Yes, this mega sized energy shot contains only 80 mg of caffeine. They should call this a mini energy drink because it is only half the size of the regular 250 mL cans. The caffeine still woke me up and gave me a great morning boost, but it did not last a long time.

Medicinal Ingredients:
  • Taurine - 1,000 mg
  • Caffeine - 80 mg
  • Guarana - 50 mg
  • Niacin - 10 mg
  • Vitamin B6 - 4 mg
  • Pantothenic acid - 3 mg
  • Vitamin B12 - 4 mcg
Non-medicinal Ingredients: filtered water, sucrose, natural flavours, artificial flavours, inositol, sodium benzoate, maltol, FD&C yellow No. 6.

Cost - $2.99 CAD for a mega sized, 118 mL shot
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15.5/20...the best tasting energy shot that I have had, but with only 80 mg of caffeine it is not the best performing one

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