Friday, July 30, 2010

Turbo Truffle Peanut Butter Blast Review

I had to wake up very, very early this morning and the strongest thing that I had at home was this peanut butter chocolate truffle with 150 mg of caffeine in something with a weight of 10 g.

Well, the peanut butter chocolate truffle tastes like peanut butter and chocolate. It is a peanut butter candy coated in chocolate. Not much else to say here other than how the caffeine affects the taste...and it does. While chewing the truffle, all you can taste is the sweet, sweet taste of peanut butter and chocolate, but once you swallow, the bitterness comes. The bitterness is actually mild and similar to that of caffeine gum and lasts for about the same amount of time. I was pleasantly surprised since there is so much caffeine in this 10 g truffle.

The truffle started to act very fast and probably a lot of that came from the sugar itself. I woke up instantly within 5 minutes of ingesting this and felt some jitters within 10-15 minutes after that. Within another 15 minutes I was feeling the full effect of the caffeine and it was good. The energy lasted for just over 2 hours and then it started to gradually go down and did not end with a crash. This is pretty decent for something so small.

Ingredients: sugar, chocolate, peanut butter, invert corn syrup, caffeine, gum karaya, peanut flour, cream of tartar.

There are a few additional ingredients, but I ripped the back label unwrapping the truffle.

Cost - $0.50 from the King of Caffeine
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 16.5/20...tastes like peanut butter and chocolate with a mild bitterness at the end and a great kick

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