Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guru 2.0 Energy Drink Review

Yes, there is a new Guru energy drink called 2.0, which I assumed is a better version of the original Guru, which already is a solid energy drink. I got this from a small convenience store for a price I cannot recall but I think it was in the $3 vicinity.

The original Guru is 100% Natural and comes in a similar container, but with a red design. This new and improved Guru is organic and 100% Natural and is supposed to still have the same taste as the original.

Does it have the same taste? Almost! It still has that slightly salty Full Throttle Blue Demon similarity, but this one is a little more citric and has a crisper and drier finish. It also has a slight cherry taste which is stronger at the initial stages of the drink. That is another thing I should also mention. At first I thought that the taste is not as great as the original. I thought it was sweeter and less refined, but as I kept drinking, the taste started to get better. Better not only compared to the start of the drink, but also slightly better than the original. I really enjoyed the crisper taste and the extra citric acid not only while drinking it, but also afterward since my breath was clean and fresh for some time.

The drink does not say how much caffeine it has, but the Guru website does. There are 125 mg of naturally occurring caffeine in the can, which is pretty decent for a 250 mL energy drink. I felt the kick within 10-15 minutes of opening the can and experienced the full effects after another 20-25 minutes. I experienced no jitters, just clean and focused energy. The energy lasted for about 2 hours and it was a great experience. I was focused and energetic and all this did not end with a crash.

Ingredients: sparkling water, organic cane sugar, citric acid, organic guarana extract, organic cane juice concentrate, natural flavours, sodium citrate, organic ginkgo biloba extract, organic enchinasea extract, organic panax ginseng extract, organic caramel, malic acid.

Cost - $3
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 16.3/20...another solid Guru product


  1. I haven't had the old one in a while but it seems that I liked the taste better. I could be wrong though. The closest taste to me is a Dr. Pepper or Cherry Cola but it has it's own unique taste.
    Wish they were sold in more stores. I must have walked around my work for half an hour trying to find one without my jacket and ended up finding one on the shelf in Whole Foods.

  2. To find retail outlets, contact:
    Andrea Grosko
    GURU Beverage Co.
    Sales & Marketing Coordinator
    P (514) 845.4878 #234 Toll Free (888) 810-4878 F (514) 845-9848

    She also said that sales on their site have free shipping. That is significant. After I taste 2.0, I plan to order a case or either TOG (the original Guru) or 2.0

    Lastly, keep checking at Whole Foods, they seem to have it on sale about once every 4.6 weeks and it is significantly cheaper.