Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VE2 Energy Gum Peppermint Review

I have been carrying this in my bag for a week or so, and chewing a piece or two when in the need of a boost. I got a pack of this from the King of Caffeine for only $2, just a touch more expensive than a pack of regular gum.

So what are the differences between VE2 Energy Gum and regular gum? Well, it has caffeine dummy - 35 mg of it in each piece. The pack suggests taking 2, which is what you should be doing anyways. Once bitten, each piece releases a burst of peppermint flavour, which is quickly followed by some bitterness from the active ingredients. The bitterness is mild, but can be noticed and will remain noticeable for some time. The good news is that the minty taste also remains for long period of time so it almost works like a regular gum. The downside is that it starts to turn to mush in less than 2 hours. Yea, I know that most people don't like to chew gum for such a long period of time, but I do.

As I mentioned, there are 35 mg of caffeine in each piece of gum and with two at a time, that makes 70 mg. The kick comes in fast and stays there for a while. I have been chewing a couple of pieces at a time every other day in the afternoon and no crashes seem to come.

Ingredients: caffeine, guarana, ginseng, vitmain B6, vitmain B12, niacin, xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol, aspartame, acesulfame K, lycasin, natural & artificial flavors, titanium dioxide, gume base, carnauba wax, lecithin.

Cost - $2 from the King of Caffeine
Taste - 7.9/10
Energy - 6.9/10...for 2 pieces

Overall - 14.8/20...decent tasting peppermint gum with a nice kick

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  1. Nice taste, and I haven't noticed it turning to mush, as the previous reviewer said. Good product.