Friday, August 27, 2010

Pokka Aromax Black Coffee Review

Today I have another iced coffee, which I purchased from the local Asian market. The reason why I got this was the slick aluminum container it came in and the fact that it was a new iced coffee product. Unfortunately I could not find a container without that translation sticker slapped on its front. This thing must be on there with some sort of magic, because it just doesn't come off. I tried peeling it off, but there was too much glue residue.


Guess what, this is really iced black coffee. There is no milk, no cream or sugar in it. It is just coffee...and not a very bad one. It feels a little watery because it is cold, but the flavour is very rich, smoky and a little nutty. Since there is no sugar, it is obviously bitter. I am on the fence about the finish and not because I am not enjoying, but because I don't know if a smoky and nutty aftertaste is great in the morning.


Though the amount of caffeine is not listed, you have to remember that this is black coffee, so there is enough caffeine. Sure the container is only 170 mL, but according to Wolfram Alpha, and some basic math, it should contain around 107 mg of caffeine. Does it? Sure it does. I started to feel energized within 20-25 minutes and the effects were similar to those of black coffee. The effects lasted for a little under 2 hours before I started to feel the need for a real coffee.

Ingredients: coffee....that's it! Seriously! This is the only ingredient.

Cost - $1.49 from T&T
Taste - 8.2/10
Energy - 6.7/10

Overall - 14.9/20...tastes like a decent cup of black coffee and has plenty of caffeine in that little contianer

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