Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Primer Energy + Breath Freshener Peppermint Review

BaBoom Energy Spray was the last and only energy spray I have ever reviewed on this site. Well, things are about to change because I got a stick of Primer in peppermint flavour for $4.99 from ThinkGeek.


This really is a freshener because the spray is extremely minty and gives you an absolutely amazing refresher, one that can beat most non-caffeinated fresheners on the market. The intense minty taste lingers for about 10 minutes and then it transitions into plain minty freshness. After that the sweeteners start to become noticeable, but that is not too bad because it is comparable to the aftertaste of other fresheners.

The one thing that I did not like was the spray mechanism. I think mine is faulty because it takes around 6-7 pumps just to get a squirt and then a spray. If I stop spraying, I have to pump it again several times before anything comes out.


A jolt can be felt with even just a few sprays. I was pretty tired this morning, but after 4-5 sprays I started to feel more refreshed within 5 minutes. Depending on the number of sprays the effects vary from a jolt to a nice buzz, which can be sustained from anywhere from an hour to a few. I tried spraying about a dozen times, but then the pump started to leak and I had cloudy, minty liquid all over the container and my fingers.

Ingredients: water, flavor, sd alcohol 40-b, caffeine, calcium pantothenate (bs), thiamine nitrate (B1), panax ginseng root powder, taurine, glycerin, sodium benzoate, sodium saccharin, disodium edta, citric acid

Cost - $4.99 from ThinkGeek
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - from 1/10 to 10/10

Overall - from 10.5/20 to 19.5/20...depending on the number of sprays

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  1. I saw this in NYC with a new aerosol pump - Great review I love this product to..