Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boom.Boom Energy Tropical Rush Review

Yesterday I got something very interesting in the mail from boom.boom - a set of energizing inhalers. Each set comes with three scents - Berry Breeze, Cinna-Mint and Tropical Rush - and the set easily filled the envelope it came in with very sharp and energizing smells. I will kick off the reviews with the Tropical Rush inhaler.


Though you can tell the scent is sweet, the closer it gets to your nose, the more the scent of menthol overpowers everything else. Each inhalation fills your nose with a strong menthol scent and cleans it out. The tropical scent can be noticed on each exhale and there is also a tiny trace, just sitting in the back of your throat, reminding you that you just had something tropical. Overall, this is well done and better than many menthol-only inhalers I have tried in the past to clear my nostrils.


Though there is no caffeine, the oils in this tiny stick work great. Each inhalation completely sobers you up and almost instantly. It feels like going from a desert into an icy cold freezer or like jumping out of a sauna into the snow. These work great in the afternoon when you had that large meal and your stomach is trying so hard to processes it that you are feeling lazy and tired. A hit of boom.boom will perk you right up and what I liked most about it is that if you inhale it late at night to perk up, it will not keep your from going to sleep later on.

Cost - $15 for a variety pack
Scent - 9/10
Performance - 7/10 to 10/10

Overall - 16/20 to 19/20...depending on the number of inhalations

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