Monday, March 21, 2011

Plutonium Energy Powder Review

It is plutonium and it is green. I thought this will be green apple, but surprise, surprise, it is pear. There aren't many pear flavoured products so I am a bit excited to try this one.


Does this measure up to last weeks strawberry surprise? Hell yea it does. After a second or two, the powder in my mouth was moist enough for me to taste it and what a taste It was. Sour pears attacked my taste buds and instantly woke me up. Wow, this has the sour kick I so much wanted from the strawberry powder. The taste is so intense that it reminded me of those sour candies you can get at 7-11 - sourz and nuclear waste. Unfortunately, the initial sour kick is just that- initial. I wasn't able to taste he sourness as much in the following mouthfuls of powder. The pear taste is well done, but it picks up only near the end, right before you swallow the moistened powder. Following the pear taste is bitterness from the caffeine, which is fairly strong at first, but dies down within a minute to leave a refreshing pear Aftertaste. Overall, I would rank this on par with he strawberry powder because the additional sourness is canceled out by the caffeine bitterness in the finish.


This performs the same way the strawberry one does because it packs he same sour kick, which will instantly wake you up. The 90 mg of caffeine also help, but they kick in later.
Ingredients: sugar, dextrose, caffeine, malic acid, artificial flavors and colors

Cost - $1.99 from
Taste - 9.3/10
Energy - 6.9/10

Overall - 16.2/20...I love this energy powder, I might even start eating pears

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