Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Syzmo Original Organic Energy Drink Review

Last weekend was my first time going to a Hasty Market and to my surprise I learned that they have a lot of energy drinks and various other soft drinks. I picked up a bunch I have never tried before and I will start the review process with the Syzmo Original, an energy drink made with blue agave.


The unexpected aroma of Monster hit me as soon as I opened and poured this drink. It looks a lot like it too - candy like, golden in color. The taste is barely similar, though. Syzmo has a very earthy taste that is just a bit sweet. But the sweetness is different, it is much more caramel-like thank straight up sugar sweetness. There is a good deal of yerba mate immediately following the initial earthy and sweet flavour, which is followed by a subtle coffee taste. Odd, as this drink does not look like something that is made with coffee. The aftertaste is a combination of yerba mate and light coffee notes with very mild candy-like sweetness, which is why I said this was only barely similar to Monster.

Overall, I strangely enjoyed Syzmo with its unexpected flavours, but I am not sure that many will. If you are a fan of yerba mate (the real deal), then you will enjoy this.


I am not completely sure how much caffeine is in this drink as the label says 80 mg of caffeine, but it also lists coffee berry extract, 130 mg, as an ingredient. Whatever it is, it is not as strong as a 473 mL energy drink, but it does offer more than a 250 mL one. Though there is sugar in the drink, you do not feel its effects as much as you would from a larger energy drink. Though there is a delay of about 15-20 minutes, the energy kick is gradual and there are no initial jitters. The caffeine starts to kick in around the 30-35 minute mark and this is when you start feeling great...for about the 1.5-2 hours its effects last.

Cost - $1.99
Taste - 8.2/10
Energy - 5.9/10

Overall - 14.1/20...great earthy tones with the addition of blue agave syrup and an OK kick

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