Monday, May 9, 2011

Xyience Xenergy Fruit Punch Review

I bought this new Xyience about a week ago and somehow completely forgot about it sitting in the fridge. This new energy drink is both a new flavour and comes in a limited edition can with Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy on it. It retails for $2.99 at 7-11 stores, which is about the average price everywhere else.


The fruit punch taste is pretty damn good for a sugar free drink. The berry taste is strong with tart cranberries leading at the front of the flavour. Raspberries and cherries are close seconds adding some more to the tartness. The citrus side of the punch comes in towards the finish with a very nice citric bite. The aftertaste is crisp, refreshing with a lot of remaining berry/citrus flavours and very little sweetener. The drink is less carbonated than usual making it very easy to drink fast with minimum stops for burps. The overall flavour is surprisingly strong and tasty for a sugar free energy drink and I have to say that this may very well become my "go to" drink. Too bad it is a limited run at this point. If Xyience are reading this, I ask them to turn this into a regular drink, because it is one of their best tasting ones, if not the best tasting.


The expected 200 mg of caffeine are present and in combination with the citric bite this drink has, the results reveal themselves almost right away. I was really tired at the beginning of this post, but after I had my first coupe of sips, I almost instantly woke up and my mind focused. This initial effect is definitely due to the sourness of the drink than the caffeine, but it worked surprisingly well on me. Soon after the effects disappear, but then every sip acts like a small jolt until the caffeine starts to be absorbed by the body. Then the energy really kicks in and stays. I experienced a fantastic energy boost for over 3 hours with no side effects - no jitters at the start and no crash at the end.

Xyience really took me by surprise with this energy drink. Bravo!

Cost - $2.99
Taste - 8.9/10
Energy - 8.7/10

Overall - 17.6/ new favorite Xyience energy drink - it tastes great and works great. Give it a shot, especially if you are not a fan of sugar free drinks, because this will change your mind about some of them

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