Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucozade Energy Drink Orange Review

This is the third and last flavour of Lucozade that can find in my area.


The taste is somewhat refreshing, but a little odd for an energy drink. The mouth-feel and taste are similar to orange flavoured effervescent vitamin tablets - very bubbly, a bit salty with an artificial orange peel note which stays with you for a long time. Like the original Lucozade, this one suffers from the dry mouth syndrome.

It is not bad tasting and not a bad first drink in the morning, but I can probably do better with plain orange juice and a few drops of a caffeine mixer like 5150 or Hijinks.


Caffeine is still one of the main ingredients, but it doesn't say how much is in the bottle. Regardless of the actual amount, this drink will give you a quick jolt in the morning, or when you need it, but will not quite maintain its performance once you feel awake.

I drank this bottle first thing in the morning after waking up groggy and within 20 minutes of consuming it I felt fully awake and focused, which was pretty much the extent of Lucozade's performance. I didn't feel like running around in circles or was over-energized for hours, but I just felt more awake than I was 20 minutes ago.

Not a bad boost when you need to feel awake, but not quite the energy drink.

Cost - $1.99 from T&T
Taste - 7.5/10
Energy - 5.8/10

Overall - 13.3/20...tastes like orange peel and gives you a nice jolt when you need it

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