Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Firestar Shotz Cola Review

Next on my list of caffeinated stuff to try comes Firestar's Cola from their Shotz line. The difference between Shotz and Max is that Shotz contains half of the caffeine of Max for people who are more sensitive towards caffeine.


Like all the other Firestar powders, this one looks like an artificial sweetener, but what I noticed that was different was the lack of minty scent. This one has an unmistakable cola aroma.

The taste is also unmistakable, this is cola. It is sweet with a very mild acidic touch and a bang-on cola flavour. There is no bitterness nor is there too much sweetness. I was sort of expecting an artificial sweetener to hit me, but it never did and then I checked - there is only sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

The aftertaste is very cola-like with a touch of sweetness and some caramel. There is a brief moment of bitterness, but it is so weak that the tiny amount of sweetness easily masks it.

I love this flavour. It reminded me of eating cola gummies.


Though this packet has half the caffeine amount of the Max line, the initial effects are just as quick and good. I started to wake up and feel focused within 10-15 minutes of ingesting the powder, which could be the result of the small amount of sugar. Within another 20 minutes I was feeling great and very energized, though not as energized as when I had the Max packets.

With Shotz, the energy boost lasted for about an hour and a half and there was no crash at the end.

Cost - unknown
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 6.2/10

Overall - 15.7/20...great tasting energy powder with a decent kick

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  1. Great review - Apparently Firestar has just got FDA approval and this will soon be available in the States. Probably around $1.50 for Shotz and $2 for Max - not bad considering Max has a similar effect to TWO bottles of 5 hour energy!.