Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks Review

Last week I tried Ed Hardy's Chocolate Rocks and now I have a box of their Coffee Rocks sitting in front of me on my desk, shoving its "600 mg caffeine per box" in my face.


I know these are called Coffee Rocks, but don't expect coffee beans covered in chocolate. These are a lot like the Chocolate Rocks, only with an added coffee flavour. The coffee flavour is not bad, but it is not what I was expecting.

Each rock, or should I say piece, is about the same size as the Chocolate Rocks, which are about the same size as a chocolate covered coffee bean, and is coated in a semi-sweet chocolate glaze. The inside is just chocolate, which is very easy to chew so you can go through a bunch of these pieces in no time.

The coffee flavour is very espresso-like and not sweet at all. The semi-sweet chocolate helps take the bitterness down a notch, but the coffee flavour is still fairly strong. The bitterness comes from the coffee and not from the added caffeine. There is a slight hint of caffeine bitterness that starts to emerge if you consume most of the box, but it never gets to a point that it becomes obtrusive.

Overall, I enjoyed the Coffee Rocks, but I would much rather eat a box of the Chocolate Rocks.


The Coffee Rocks work almost exactly like the Chocolate Rocks since they are similar in many ways. As I sat at my desk I was popping these one after another so I didn't notice how many I ate in total, but it was about half a box. I started to become focused and feel the energy coming within about 10 minutes of eating the first piece. There were some jitters, as expected, but compared to other caffeinated products, they were easy to manage. The caffeine kicked in fully in another 20 minutes and I felt pretty damn good most of the morning, right until lunch. I didn't experience a sudden crash, but I felt the effects starting to wear off. The beauty of the resealable box is that I was able to eat a few more pieces to continue my energy high.

Cost - $8.00 for a 3-pack from Ed Hardy
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 1/10 to 10/10

Overall - 9.8/20 to 18.8/20...depending on the number of pieces consumed

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  1. I really liked the energy kick and the tasty coffee flavour. Neat stuff