Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks Review

So in front of me is a box of Ed Hardy's highly caffeinated Chocolate Rocks. How caffeinated are they? Well if you turn the box over you will see that there are 600 mg of caffeine in the box and that each 5 pieces are equal to 1 cup of coffee. I counted 25 pieces so 5 coffees in total and each piece contains approximately 24 mg of caffeine.


Each of the pieces is a small almost black round ball. They are easy to chew so you can go through 5 or 10, or 15 in no time. The pieces taste like dark chocolate at first, but towards the end a sweeter taste comes in. I like this style of chocolate as the sweetness never builds up and I can eat a lot more of it.

The use of dark chocolate is also a great way of masking the caffeine bitterness and these chocolate rocks are a great proof. I was not able to detect any bitterness that I could associate with the caffeine. There is some bitterness, but it is characteristic of how dark chocolate tastes. The aftertaste is moderately clean with just a subtle dark chocolate hint.

Overall I really liked the taste of these rocks and I ate 10 at once the first time.


As mentioned, each piece contains approximately 24 mg of caffeine so I took about 240 mg in less than a minute. My mind started to wake up in about 10 minutes and in another 5 I felt a bit jittery. In another 5 the energy started to really kick in and it was pretty damn awesome. All in all, I was very energized until about lunchtime and at the end I did not experience a crash.

To be honest, I was surprised how much caffeine was stuffed in these little pieces and how well they worked.

Cost - $8.00 for a 3-pack from Ed Hardy
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 1/10 to 10/10

Overall - 10.5/20 to 19.5/20...depending on the number of pieces consumed

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