Monday, November 7, 2011

Ed Hardy Energy Sticks Pomegranate Review

Along with the Orange flavored energy sticks I received last week, I also got a few packs of the Pomegranate ones.


Tearing open one of these, I was hit with a strong blueberry aroma and not so much pomegranate. However, as soon as I poured this on my tongue, the sour pomegranate notes quickly appeared. I still detected some sweet blueberry notes, but only in the aftertaste.

Tasting a second packet, I concluded that the pomegranate flavour is there only while the powder is sitting on your tongue. As soon as it is swallows, a sweet blueberry taste, couple with a very sweetener-like note, appears and lingers for a very long time.

Two thing I noticed that differ from the orange flavour - one, the powder is a bit harder to dissolve on your tongue and it seems like it is composed of slightly larger granules, and two, I could barely detect any bitterness. There was just a tiny hint of it soon after swallowing the second packet, but as soon as that happened, the sweet blueberry aftertaste hit me and eliminated any traces of the caffeine bitterness.


Don't be surprised when I say that the pomegranate sticks work exactly the same way as the orange ones, because they do. Each packet contains 80 mg of caffeine, which are delivered to the system in pretty much the same way. The only thing that does affect the effects and their length is the number of packets consumed at once.

One packet - gradual kick with its peak effect comparable to a can of Red Bull but without a crash at the end.

Two and more packets - some jitters with a stronger kick lasting much longer with some minor negative effects at the very end (still not as bad as a sugary energy drink).

Cost - $3.29 for a 3-pack from Ed Hardy
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 6/10 to 9/10

Overall - 15/20 to 18/20...depending on the number of packets consumed

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