Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Energy 2000 Grape Flavour Review

I know, the name is ridiculous, but once you read the label you will find out why it was called Energy 2000 - it is packed with 2,000 mg of energy ingredients. I got this for only $0.99 from what looked like a bargain bin at Walgreen's.


The shot has a very decent grape smell reminding me of cheap grape juice. The taste is pretty decent at the start with a great, slightly sour, grape taste, but soon turns bitter from the ton of energy ingredients. The aftertaste is mostly composed of a sweetener taste and some bitterness with very little grape flavour and a nice citric twist. Not the greatest tasting energy shot, but it is also not the worst tasting one. For $0.99 you cannot go wrong.


The energy blend actually has 2,200 mg of active ingredients, caffeine being one of them, but there is no clear indication of exactly how much caffeine is in the shot. As expected there is a bit of a lag of about 10 - 15 minutes, but once the shot kicks in you will wake up even if you were falling asleep. From there on, the energy ramps up quickly and you will be over-energized in about 20 minutes for several hours.

Overall, this is a pretty decent shot for $0.99 which tastes and works the same as some more expensive energy shots.

Cost - $0.99
Taste - 5.5/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 13/20...ok taste with a pretty decent kick

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