Tuesday, November 29, 2011

illy Cappuccino Review

Here is the first of our international reviews/"on the road". I got this from a Walgreen's near my hotel for $2.19. The cappuccino wasn't the only illy iced coffee in the fridge, but this is what I felt like drinking at the time.


You would normally shake a beverage like this to mix the sediment at the bottom, but the top of the can clearly states not to. Remember this if you get a can.

Illy's cappuccino doesn't disappoint. Unlike other beverages that are packed with sugar, this one doesn't have as much which brings out the strong coffee taste. Milk has also been added in moderation making the beverage very coffee-centered. Mild cocoa notes add to the overall enjoyment, but are not strong enough to turn this into a mochaccino.

Overall, I really liked this, however, if you prefer the typical iced coffees that are packed with a ton of sugar and milk/cream, you may not enjoy this due to its strong coffee flavour.


I was surprised to find the caffeine content on the back - 81 mg. The energy hits you like a small cup of coffee - wakes you up within 10-15 minutes and it starts to gradually build up from there on until about the 40 minute mark when it peaks. The boost lasts for about as long as a can of Red Bull, but unlike a Red Bull, there is no crash at the end.

I loved this iced coffee and I cannot wait to try the other illy I saw. I just wished this came in a larger container with more caffeine.

Cost - $2.19
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15.5/20...excellent taste with a very decent energy kick

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