Friday, November 25, 2011

Marley's One Drop Mocha Review

Here is another new item I found at the local Hasty Market - Marley's new Mocha drink.


The Mocha tastes almost the same as Marley's Coffee, only it starts off much sweeter with a touch more coffee flavour and a nice chocolate undertone. To be honest, I am not at all surprised, because when I think of mocha, I imagine a half coffee, half hot chocolate drink...or espresso and hot chocolate.

Not much else to say about this drink other than the coffee and chocolate flavours carry throughout and linger for some time in the aftertaste before the milky aftertaste starts to dominate. There are no foul notes or any unwanted flavours, such as bitterness from energy ingredients (the energy comes from coffee).


The effects are identical to those of the Coffee flavour - initial effects are noticeable within 10 to 15 minutes and the energy kicks in about 25-30 minutes later. The length of the effect is about an hour and a half because the drink is not trying to cram any additional caffeine from other energy ingredients so the energy comes all from the brewed coffee used as a base for the drink.

If you like sweeter iced coffees then get this. If you like them a bit less sweet, get the coffee flavour.

Cost - $2.49 from the Hasty Market
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15/20...I love the Marley products since they all taste great and work as intended


  1. I'll have to one day check hasty market for these. I bought these in Niagara faLLS ny 1.99 at a gerocery store. Havnt had the coffee yet but working on the mocha and I really like it 3 out of 5 i say. It smells roasted coffee and chocolate and taste that way. It's not kick ass or anything but I enjoy it. Lots of roasted Jamacian coffee taste and lots of chocolate taste up front then gos a little dry but not in the scene the flaur is gone cus it has aftertaset ands its all good plus we help out one cheer's r.i.p. bob

  2. Taste creamy and chocolaty. Really good. Woke me up as I was drinking but then 10-20mins after it was done I yawned a little and felt a little tired. Really good tasteing drink not so good buzz but buzz is better then the coffee one but not a gr8t buz\z over all. The one drops taste gr8t but energy pay out sucks