Wednesday, April 18, 2012

HyDrive Energy Berry Blast Energy Drink Mix Review

Here is a brand new product from my favorite energy drink company - HyDrive. This new product is an energy mix and transforms any glass/bottle of water into an amazingly tasting HyDrive Energy Berry Blast energy drink. The product will be available in mid March 2012 and will come in boxes of 8. This will make shipping across the border, hopefully, a bit more affordable.


Always remember to take a sip or two from your water if you are adding this mix directly to bottled water. This way you will have enough room to dissolve the powder with just a few shakes.

I added the packet to a 500 mL bottle of water, which is just over 16 oz. This resulted in a very aromatic and flavourful energy drink bursting with strawberries, tart raspberries and a little bit of blueberries. I assume the intensity of the taste will be taken down a few notches if you use more water, so do yourself a favor and stick to 16 oz. This way, you will get to enjoy a beverage with the same flavour characteristics as the HyDrive line up of energy drinks.

But back to the taste. The flavour is rich and tart making the drink very enjoyable and easy to drink. The aftertaste is crisp, a bit dry and with very minimal sweetener notes. I was very impressed since while drinking it, you can actually taste the sweetness, but there are barely any traces of it in the aftertaste. Also, the energy ingredients have zero influence on the flavour.

Strawberries and raspberries are well defined and I also got a bit of blueberries towards the finish. Some cherry flavour can be noticed in the aftertaste, but it is not as strong as the strawberry/raspberry blend.

This is a fantastically refreshing drink to have and I think it will taste even better in the hot summer days.


There are 160 mg of caffeine per packet, which puts this into Monster/Rockstar category, only it works much better.

I tried this on an early Sunday morning after a late night of drinking and I felt awake within 10 minutes. For the first 20-30 minutes I felt awake, calm and very focused on what I was doing, which is exactly what I was expecting from a HyDrive drink. Soon after the caffeine kicked in and I felt very energized, like I had just woken up from a nice sleep. I wasn't jittery, just felt energized - very clean energy.

The energy lasted for a few hours and there were no ill effects at the end.

HyDrive prove they know how to make an energy drink once again!

Cost - $9.99 for an 8 pack only from HyDrive
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 17.5/ of the best, if not the best tasting and performing energy mix I have tried

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