Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tonic Calm Health Shot Review

After having tried the Tonic Energy Shot a month ago I went back and got the Calm shot...for $4.50!!!!


Like the Energy shot, this one is very earthy and slightly bitter. It tastes a lot like an overbrewed chamomile tea with a bit of a lemon and some sugar. I know this doesn't sound great, but I sort of enjoyed the shot since I like bitter teas. 

The finish is dry so I recommend sipping some water after the shot. Though the shot uses cane sugar there is a bit of an artificial sweetener-like taste in the aftertaste. 


The proprietary blend is 120 mg and there is no melatonin least not under that name. The first ingredient is L-5 Hydroxytryptophan which, according to Wikipedia, is used for the synthesis of melatonin. Also the ingredient can be purchased over the counter as a sleep aid.

The effects appear within 15 minutes and at first I felt very calm without a loss of focus. I also didn't feel tired or sleepy. The calmness lasted for about an hour and I was back to feeling just normal. 

This is one of the few shots/drinks I have tried that help you calm, but not to the point where you feel the need to take a nap. I think this will be great if you have a stressful job.

Cost - $4.50
Taste - 8/10
Performance - 9/10

Overall - 17/20...earthy tasting and calms you down

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