Sunday, July 15, 2012

SLAP Frozen Energy Strawberry Frost Review

After trying the first SLAP Frozen Energy drink I decided to try a new trick to get the contents of the pouch out. I noticed that the opening is large enough for a bubble tea (about the same size as a Slushie straw or maybe just a bit wider)...and it was. I transformed the drink into a grown-up Capri Sun. If you try doing this give the drink a few extra minutes to get a bit more slushier. It also helps if you break up the ice a bit.


I like this a lot more than the Crisp Apple I had last week. It still has the same candy-like sweetness but there are no odd flavours. Right off the bat you can taste the strawberry flavour and after a few brief moments a more subtle berry flavour begins to surface. This drink reminded me of a combination of Rip It Power and Red Bull with its berry notes.

The aftertaste is sweet with candy-like traces of strawberry and berries. The sweetness builds up and by the end of the pouch I had to go for a glass of water. On the plus side there are no traces of caffeine or other active ingredients in the taste.


The pouch contains the same 140 mg of caffeine as the Crisp Apple and the energy delivery is comparable. I took my time consuming this even with the straw so I experienced the same smooth delivery without any jitters. I felt awake within 15-20 minutes and a bit later I was energized and ready to go out to run some errands. The boost lasted for about 2 hours and then I started to experience a crash. 

The one I really liked about this drink is its refreshness factor. On a morning when temperatures were in their high 20's and low 30's (Centigrade) a caffeinated slush drink is exactly what I needed.

Cost - $2.50
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 15.5/20...I liked the taste of this one much better than the Crisp Apple

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