Sunday, July 22, 2012

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Re-design

A couple of months ago I came across a box of Awake chocolate next to the cash register at the local convenience store and got one to try it. The taste amazed me - it tasted like a normal milk chocolate bar and there were small traces of the caffeine in the aftertaste.

About a week ago the company contacted me to see if I am interested in getting some samples with the new design. "Are you kidding me - free awesomely tasting caffeinated chocolate? Of course I am interested!"

So here is what I received. The box looks amazing and it will stand out a lot more when situated next to a cash register or on the rack with all the other chocolates.

I love the owl with the lid open and folded back. And look at that sweet wrapper - it is matte and just urges me to rip it open and eat its contents.

One thing I didn't like is that you have to rip the orange flaps off when putting the box on display. I love the color and I think it directs your attention to the me it represents the red tie you wear with a white shirt to attract the attention of your audience.

So what's inside the wrapper? Well, the same damn good chocolate. One thing that has been changed is the imprint on the chocolate - it now has the front of the wrapper imprinted on it - the word "Awake", "Cho-co-late" and the owl.

Not sure if the company has any plans on importing these in the US, but if you see it in Canada, buy it! This is the best caffeinated chocolate I have tried to date.


  1. My husband just bought a bar this morning, he's waiting to see if it perks him up!

  2. I bought 2 earlier this month trued one,bought 2 later in the month ate half of one bar have half left and 2 full to still enjoy. It's mile chocolate that we all know well if we ever ate chocolate,nothing weird,strange,crappy or amazing like some bars but still yummy. As for the buzz for me the 1st two hrs were :normal: buzz not strong or week just right basicly,then near the end of the 3rd hr it started to feel stronger and there was around 30mins-1hr of strong buzz then it went back to :normal: b4 wearing off 5th or 6th hr after eating it but no crash or any hardcore tiredness just enough to know the energy is ending. Good stuff. Eating caffeine is stronger then drinking. BTW this is better then the kick ass balls. You ever had them b4?