Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cheetah Power Surge Energy Drink Green Apple Review

The new Cheetah Power Surge Green Apple is finally out. I started seeing commercials on TV a couple of weeks ago but the release must have happened a bit slower than expected. On my way home from work I saw it at the two places I stopped - a local convenience store for $1.99 and the local Foodland for $1.49.

The can has the same feel as the other two, Regular and the Blueberry one - a glued on plastic wrapper as a label. Gone is the "$1.49" text on the front, but at least the guys at the grocery store are nice enough to offer it for the same price as the other two drinks.


Believe it or not, but this actually tastes pretty good, but it doesn't taste like an apple drink at all. The taste is somewhere between a weak tasting Red Bull, a weak tasting regular Monster and sparkling apple cider (de-alcoholized of course), whose flavour comes and goes. There is also that candy-sweet Monster flavour which comes near the finish and lingers well into the aftertaste.

Also, don't forget about the salty undertone, which to be honest is masked a bit better in this drink than in the other ones. I know this sounds nasty, but there are 520 mg of sodium in this can, which according to the label are 22% of your daily recommended sodium intake.

On the plus side, there are no nasty aftertastes...other than the bit of saltiness. So far this is my favourite Cheetah Power Surge.


This is a Caffeine Free drink so the energy you get is from all the various types of ginseng extracts used. Because of the 40 grams of sugar in the can, I felt a pretty quick burst of energy within 10-15 minutes of starting this drink. Fortunately I did not experience any real jitters, which surprised me a little bit.

The real energy does not come for another 20-30 minutes and cannot be compared to that of a caffeinated energy drink, but for those who are caffeine sensitive should be plenty. The kick did not last very long for me which made me go out for a coffee to restore alertness.

Cost - $1.49 to $1.99
Taste - 8.3/10
Energy - 5.8/10

Overall - 14.1/20...the best tasting Cheetah Power Surge to date

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