Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fireball Extreme Rush Energy Drink Review

I am not actually sure if this is an energy shot or an energy drink. The only thing the label states is that it is an energy supplement. I bought this from a GNC store when I was in Michigan.


The aroma is very sweet and inviting with hints of papaya and addition to the chemical undertone. The taste is a bit different and there is barely any papaya in it (OK, just a hint in the aftertaste). A sour blend of berries is present, however, you cannot distinguish which specific berries are present in the blend...maybe there are some cranberries.

With the amount of chemicals present, I am surprised at how subtle the chemical taste is. The drink was very easy to consume and did not assault any of my senses. I think that for its strength, the taste is fairly decent.


There are 400 mg of caffeine in the 240 mL bottle, which of course is quite a lot. The label recommends you only consume half at a time and that's exactly what I did. The initial kick takes about 15-20 minutes which is a bit slower than I expected, but when you finally feel the rush, it is good...from an energy perspective. Sure I did feel focused for a bit, but the label led me to believe I will be focused for a longer period of time. The kick lasted for well over 4 hours and during parts of it I felt very overenergized, almost jittery with all the energy I had. At the end there was no crash. This was a surprisingly strong energy drink.

Cost - $3
Taste - 6.5/10
Energy - 10/10

Overall - 16.5/20...decent taste with a strong kick


  1. You were in Michigan? That's where I live!! How was it? I've been to Canada and that place is pretty cool. Hope you liked our unpredictable weather. Take care.

    -Avery Hage

    1. Yeah, I grew up in Windsor, but it was my first time going to Michigan for energy drinks a couple of months ago. It as pretty awesome and will do it again. Let me know what some good places are to get energy drinks from (I want to go as far as Auburn Hills from Windsor).