Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Redline Power Rush 7-hour Energy Shot Review

Here is another item I picked up from a GNC in Michigan. This one cost me $3.29 and contains over 300 mg of caffeine, but given the typical amount of caffeine found in the Redline drinks, I was not too surprised.


This has to be one of the hardest to open shots. Either that or I am just too used to the easy open tabs all other energy shots come with. With the cap off, you are faced with a aluminium foil without any tabs or ways to grip a section and peel it off. I had to stick my pinkie at one end and make a circle around the edge to cut the foil.

Once opened the shot is surprisingly delicious for the amount of caffeine it contains. The standard sweetener taste is present, but initially it takes a backseat to the peach/mango flavour, which is done fairly well. Once the flavour goes away (and this happens quickly), the sweetener taste comes back and lingers for a veeeeery long time. Also there is a brief moment of bitterness which is more of a notification of just how much caffeine you consumed in a single mouthful. Given the amount, the bitterness could be much, much stronger, but it is not.


There are 326 mg of caffeine in the shot. The label recommends consuming half at a time and I agree. Given my personal experience with 300+ mg drinks, I was more than happy to follow the instructions and was rewarded with an excellent kick without any shakes or other unpleasantries.

The effects appeared within 10 minutes and the energy kick was gradual from thereon. There was no noticeable spike in my energy level, but within another 20 minutes I was feeling fantastic. I love drinks that work in the background and help you reach an energy high without any jitters.

The kick lasted for about 3 hours and there were no complications. Good thing I still have the second half to continue my buzz.

Cost - $3.29
Taste - 7/10
Energy - 8/10 to 10/10

Overall - 15/20 to 17/20...depending on how much of the shot you consume

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