Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Sodas Review

I was at the local Whole Foods a few days ago and came across a bunch of interesting looking sodas. I settled on a selection of Fentimans sodas only because the bottles looked and felt amazing. For $2.99 per 275 mL bottle they better be amazing.

Orange Jigger Soda

Amazing! Extremely refreshing with a slightly bitter undertone. There isn't much sugar which brings out the orange flavour along with a bit of tangerines. The soda is lightly carbonated which made me enjoy it even further.

Curiosity Cola

A little more carbonated than the orange soda and has a very strong caramel aroma. It tastes like a mix between Pepsi and Coca Cola on steroids. Though carbonated, it feels like there is less carbonation than mainstream colas which brings out the flavours. The addition of herbs heightens the flavour even more. This is definitely a cola to try.

Tonic Water

I have had maaaaaany tonic waters because of two reasons - I love tonic water and I love gin & tonics (I have also tried many gins). Though this tastes better than the mainstream tonic waters, it is not the best I have had. I think there is just a tad too much lemon.

Bottom line - the Jigger Soda was the best and will buy it again

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