Sunday, October 6, 2013

Red Rain Storm Surge Energy Drink Review


So does the label lie? No! This drink does taste like an orange passion fruit mix and the flavour is surprisingly delicious. 

OK, now lets get into the details. The flavour starts off with a mellow and candy-like sweet passion fruit note which veeery slowly gives way to the orange flavour. In fact, I would say the passion fruit is the dominant flavour and the only orange notes you get are the mild citric bites you get right before the aftertaste and the citrusy notes well into the aftertaste.

The passion fruit flavour is done very well and at times it did remind me of sucking the juice from an actual passion fruit. The orange flavour, though, is a bit generic and when it appears, it tastes like chewing orange peel.

As I mentioned, there is a candy-like sweetness, which is delicious and enjoyable at first, but half way through the can, I was having second thoughts. Towards the end of the can, I was thinking about getting a cup of water just to tone it down a bit. I also think the sweetness was amplified by the fact that I consumed the drink at a chilled room temperature. If it was straight from the fridge, maybe the sweetness would have not have been so intense.


Because there are the same 142 mg of caffeine in every can of Red Rain (from this line) then I do believe some copied text is in order:

"I was expecting the energy to come in the form of a jittery sugar rush, but fortunately the energy came in gradually with no jitters and even provided me with a period of focus and clarity just like advertised on the front of the can. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

I felt awake about 15 minutes after I gulped half of the can and in another 15 I was feeling great even in the gloomy and rainy Saturday morning. The effects lasted for over a couple of hours and then just started to gradually fade away. There was no crash at the end."

Cost - $0.99
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 16.8/20...surprisingly delicious flavour, though heavy on the candy-like sweetness

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