Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jay Street Coffee Mocha Review

So I did go back to T&T to get the other Jay Street Coffees after I reviewed the Latte earlier. Both were $1.99 and there was plenty of them at the Cherry Street location.


As expected, this one has chocolate aromas at the front and coffee at the back. The mouthfeel is significantly thicker than the Latte, or your average coffee, but I think it is right about what I would expect from a mocha.

Like the aroma, the taste starts off with a heavy chocolate note which quickly gives way to boozy, amaretto/brandy-like note before the coffee and cream flavors kick in. I liked it! The morphing of flavors makes it stand out from the rest of the iced coffees and it wasn't something I was expecting from Jay Street Coffee. The mocha is very smooth and almost perfectly balanced. I say almost, because the sweetness does build up, but it takes a while so I was able to finish most of the bottle before it started to bother me.

The aftertaste is a bit raunchy due to the milk. There are some trace chocolate and amaretto notes, but the raunchiness is strong and covers most of them up.


I am going to have to steal this section from my previous review since the contents are similar (yes, even the sugar) and so were the effects.

There is no indication of the amount of caffeine on the label, but if I had to guess from the effects, I would say that it is in the 120 to 140 mg range. I felt the typical coffee boost within 10-15 minutes from taking the first few sips. There were some jitters due to the 40 grams of sugar in the bottle, but they were relatively mild.

Once the full caffeine effect kicked up, it felt like I just had a regular cup of coffee. The effects lasted for 2-3 hours and there was no crash at the end.

Cost - $1.99 from T&T
Taste - 8.9/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 16.4/20...smooth and tasty with a unique twist

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