Monday, December 29, 2014

7-Eleven Energy Shot Berry Review

I like how straight to the point this energy shot name is - 7-Eleven. No fancy names like Inked used here. I hope it doesn't surprise you when I say that I got this shot from a 7-Eleven located somewhere in Michigan for around $2.

I wish I knew which company made this energy shot because it definitely is not 7-Eleven. The shot cap says that this shot is only distributed by 7-Eleven. If you have some inside info, or are way better than using the Google than me, let me know which company actually makes this shot below.


The store I got this shot from only sold the berry one and as far as I am aware, there is another flavor out there which I will try hunting down on my next trip south.

The berry tastes like your generic energy shot flavor. It starts off extremely plasticky but the shot's acidity cuts through the horrible initial taste. The second sip reveals the true flavor - extremely sour, yet a little sweet mystery berries. I think there is raspberry and cranberry I can taste...but it is hard to say from all the plastic and sourness. Yes...definitely...maybe...raspberry and cranberry.

The finish is not bad at all. Initially you get a hint of the sweeteners, but within moments that goes away and you are left with a semi-clean finish thanks to the sourness with just a hint of something fruity and something sweet. Unfortunately after a minute or so, some of the sweetness comes back and stays for good.


There are 200 mg of natural caffeine, but there is also green tea extract and some other additives which probably bring up the total caffeine content up a little. The energy delivery is typical for this type of an energy shot - you get an initial jolt within a few minutes which is enough to rattle the brain, and the full effect doesn't come in for another 25-30 minutes.

While waiting for the kick, you get to enjoy a torrent of jitters so I don't recommend this shot for people who are planning on doing something that requires concentration and sitting still. It is great for physical work, though.

The kick lasts for around 4 hours and I did experience a mild crash at the end.

Overall, the shot is fairly cheap and pretty generic. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this is a relabelled 5-Hour energy.

Cost - $2 from 7-Eleven
Taste - 6.5/10
Energy - 8.8/10

Overall - 15.3/20...plastic flavor, great kick


  1. I've been drinking 5 hour energy for several years now. I drop it into other things. I drink half, or all. To really freak you out I drop 5 hour into a Mountain Dew and just for some fizz a couple of M&M peanuts on the bottom. In short, I see God when I drink it. You want to talk about Jitters! I know Jitters. Because of the excessive cost I've tried some knock offs. One from Costco doesn't get the job done. Aldi, no good. 5-Hour extra strength just makes it impossible to concentrate. Red Bull doesn't give you the charge. All of the knock offs use Gaurana and 5-Hour uses Taurine. To me that was the key difference. All of the other ingredients and nutritional facts are relatively the same, the only difference is the Taurine.

    That was to explain how intimate I am with the product. Because of the expense I tried the 7-11 energy shot today. It's the real deal! Or at least a worthy opponent. It's cheaper and to me I'm LESS gittery with it. I feel more Comfortable in my alertness. If I don't concentrate it's because I'm awake enough to realize what I'm doing isn't what I WANT to be doing. I think 7-11 may have a convert on their hands and believe me I worshipped 5-Hour. 7-11 is a nicer shot.

  2. SK (street king) makes this product. They used to have their own brand but for some reason they stopped making it under their own brand. I liked SK shots better than 5 hour and was bummed when they stopped making it. I thought it was gone forever but I'm so glad to have found it again at 7 eleven.

  3. SK (street king) makes this product. They used to have their own brand but for some reason stopped making it under their own brand name. I liked it better than five hour and was bummed when they stopped making it, or so I thought.

  4. Thanks for posting. I just drank some of this and wanted to see if it had crack in it. Sure feels like it. Not sure how I feel about this.