Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Neuro Sleep Review

Apparently I had already tried and reviewed Neuro Sleep a few years ago but never got around to publish it. I stumbled across an old draft just as I was wrapping up my new review of Neuro Sleep. For kicks, I compared it to what I thought of the beverage a few years ago and things matched up quite nicely. How is that for consistency over the years?

I got the first bottle from a Meijer's in Michigan and the second one from a Target in Buffalo.


This is a pretty tasty drink which I consumed very quickly thanks to its lack of carbonation. The taste is a blend of a slightly tart tangerine flavours, mango and a bit of peaches. It is not very sweet so at the end of the bottle I didn't have the urge to cleanse my mouth with water, which I think is pretty important for a drink that is supposed to relax you and eventually help you fall asleep...or maybe it is a personal preference to not consume sweet things before bed.

Since there are only 35 calories there is a very obvious diet aftertaste which lingers for some time.


I started to feel the effects of the drink within 10 minutes of consuming almost all of it at once. At first I started to feel sleepy then my limbs started to get numb and heavy. Oh yeah. This is some strong stuff...at least for me. Within another 10 minutes I was headed for bed and was peacefully flipping through a magazine when my eyelids started to give up on me.

On the other hand, I might have been subconsciously very tired from the Christmas driving (this is obviously part of the first review since it is now April) and this was enough to push me over the edge and pass right out. Share your opinions on this below and let me know if you had ever tried Neuro Sleep and what the effects were.

Cost - $2.39
Taste - 9/10
Performance - 9/10

Overall - 18/20...tasty and felt pretty strong

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