Tuesday, August 25, 2015

GoodDrink Organic Spritzer Granny Smith Apple

Just a few days ago I came across a stash of GoodDrink beverages at a fairly new grocery store near us - Marcello's City Market. The Granny Smith is the first of 4 that I will be reviewing.

The Granny Smith Spritzer has a light golden color with a Golden Delicious/Granny Smith aroma. Though the flavor starts off sweet and mellow, the typical Granny Smith sour bite emerges quickly and lingers until the finish. A good balance of sweeter apples is present cutting down on the sourness while adding some depth.

There are only 16 grams of sugar in the can which, in my opinion, is the right amount. The sweetness never builds up, but there is enough of it to balance out the sourness.

Taste - 9/10...great and refreshing apple juice. Love it.

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