Monday, August 24, 2015

Steaz Iced Green Tea Peach

Whenever I want Steaz, I cannot find it anywhere. When I don't care about it, I keep running into it. So, I have decided to just buy whatever Steaz I see and just stockpile them at home for when I want one. I found this Iced Green Tea Peach today at the local Sobey's for only $1.19. Not sure why it was on discount, but I made sure to just buy and not ask questions.

This Steaz has a cloudy, light yellow color with an obvious peach aroma. The flavor hits you hard and lasts through each sip, but quickly dies in the finish. The flavor is well done and the beverage reminds me of eating not too ripe peaches. Some tartness emerges in the form of lemon juice but it is not until the finish and gives the aftertaste some cleanliness. 

The label is correct - the beverage is lightly sweetened and the sweetness doesn't take away from the peach flavor. Thanks to this, there is no sugary build up and you are not forced to have a glass of water after you consume this can. The light sweetness also offers the green tea a chance to compliment the peach and not get lost completely.

Very refreshing drink on a hot day and the price is right.

Taste - 8.8/10

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