Thursday, August 27, 2015

GoodDrink Organic Spritzer Wild Blackberry

Wow, this GoodDrink Spritzer has an amazing blackberry aroma. I can hold the can under my nose for hours. It has the potency of a Jolly Rancher-filled field of berries!

The flavor is not bad either, but definitely not as least at first. The start of each sip is a little watery but as the liquid travels down your tongue, the profile develops and the flavor almost the same Jolly Rancher potency as the aroma near the end...with a slightly citric, wild spike.

The only thing separating the blackberry flavor from the real thing is the candy-like finish, which I absolutely love. It is just sweet enough to give you the sensation of having enjoyed a piece of blackberry candy, but not sweet enough to make you want some water.

Delicious. Love that candy-like finish with a touch of acidity.

Taste - 9.2/10

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