Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gesundheit! Grape Juices

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Niagara on the Lake to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday and to enjoy some local wines and food. One of the wineries we stopped at, Konzelmann, also sold Gesundheit! grape juices, which I just couldn't resist.

Made by Niagara Juice Co., the Gesundheit! juices come in 2 sizes and 2 varieties - 240 mL and 750 mL and in Baco Noir Grape and Vidal Grape, respectively. I bought the smaller bottles, which retailed for $3.49 each to try each. The larger ones were closer to $10.

Vidal Grape Juice

The lighter of the two has a very sweet, grape jelly-like aroma with a sour twist. The mouth-feel is velvet-like and the flavor is similar but the sweetness is cut by the slightly tart character while you are sipping. The finish is where the tartness goes away and the sweetness builds up. A hint of grape skins lingers and gives this juice a rewarding end. Great!

Taste - 9/10

Baco Noir Grape Juice

This one has a beautiful, deep plum color. The aroma is rich with Baco Noir grapes and a touch of moist fruit cake. The flavor is tart throughout with a wonderful grape composition that builds up from the start and well into the finish. Fruity notes appear for a brief moment near the finish but are cut by the tart grape skin finish. Love the tartness of this one.

Taste - 9.3/10

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