Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rumble Supershake Coffee Bean Review

I came across the Rumble Supershake line up at a Bulk Barn near my place. I don't normally go for protein shakes, but the Coffee Bean flavor intrigued me as it had a decent dose of caffeine in it. I sucked it up, paid the $3.99 for the aluminium bottle (or is it a can then?) and went home to give it a shot.

But before I left, I checked the other flavors Bulk Barn had and none of them had caffeine so I didn't get any of the other ones...at least for now.


First off, follow the steps outlined on the cap - "Shake gently" and "Open slowly". I opened mine quickly and the coffee rich contents exploded all over my hands and bottle.

Rumble's Coffee Bean flavor looks and smells like any caffeinated iced coffee from the major energy players. The flavor is not like the major brands, though. It starts off watery, but starts to build up flavor near the middle. Unfortunately, the flavor never builds up to the intensity I expected. The coffee flavor is very mild and doesn't come out until the aftertaste. Milk and protein dominate the second half of the flavor and turn the mouth feel more into a moderately thick shake with a chalky consistency that sticks to your tongue. The aftertaste has some of the coffee notes, but it also has a bit of the milk raunchiness.

Overall, this Rumble Supershake is very easy to drink with its mild flavor and low sweetness level, but flavor-wise, it doesn't compare well to other caffeinated protein shakes, like Monster's Muscle Coffee shake. It does, however, hide the protein better than Blu Dot.


There are 111 mg of caffeine, which is a bit more than I expected when I picked it up. Again, this isn't comparable to Monster's Muscle line-up, but the 111 mg is enough for a product with Non GMOs and other goodness.

The effects are fairly quick yet gradual. I felt awake, yet calm and focused within 10 minutes. No jitters for me yal! The caffeine kick came in after another 20 or so minutes and I was pumped. But a happy pumped kind of a thing. I wasn't so overenergized that I wanted to run around which is always a good thing for me. I like products that can deliver this kind of a calm energy.

The kick lasted for around 2.5 hours and ended without drama. Great kick!

Cost - $3.99 from Bulk Barn
Taste - 7/10
Energy - 7.8/10

Overall - 14.8/20...mild flavor, but a focused kick

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