Sunday, March 6, 2016

Suja Essentials Organic Sweet Beets

I am trying to remember where I got this from, but I am drawing a blank. It was definitely somewhere in Michigan, but I cannot recall if it was from Target or Meijer. In any case, I found this almost expired Suja Essentials beet juice hiding in the back of our fridge. I thought it was my wife's and she thought it was mine so no one touched it for the past couple of months. Damn.

The dark red color is an easy indicator of what is inside the bottle - beet juice. But there are a few other fruits/vegetables tossed in there for a good measure as well - apple, carrot, orange, banana, pineapple and turmeric (no, it is not a fruit, nor a vegetable).

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are a fan of it), the beet remains the king of both the aroma and the taste. Some carrot finds its way through the aroma, but it is no match for the mighty beet. The flavor is a bit different and you get a clear, distinct pineapple and turmeric at the finish, and well into the aftertaste, but the beet still remains the king. I like beets, but I still found it to be a bit overpowering, considering that when blended with some of the other flavors, an interesting damp/cellar note emerges.

Despite the heavy beet presence, the beverage is surprisingly smooth, light, easy to drink and refreshing.

Cost - ~$3
Taste - 8.8/10

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