Monday, August 29, 2016

Bang Power Punch Energy Drink

Bang is not sold in Canada, but Energy Drink Heaven hooked me up with a can.


First off, this energy drink is clean and clear on the inside. I was expecting some color, but there is nothing. The aroma and taste are there, though. On the nose you get a mix of fruits that resembles any fruit punch flavored juice where it is impossible to pick out individual notes.

The taste is a bit different for the first few sips until all the flavors build up. The carbonation made the first few sips flavorless, but the subsequent ones had your typical fruit punch flavor. Like with the aroma, it is hard to pick out individual fruits and flavors. One interesting thing to note is the absence of sugar. I completely forgot about it for a bit because whatever sweeteners Bang is using are not noticeable at first. After the first quarter of the can, you start to get the standards sweetener build up at the end.

The flavor is nothing unique and exciting, but if you like fruit punch flavored juice, you will like this drink.


Like all other Band drinks, there are 300 mg of caffeine in this can. BAM! Wake up! That's what this drink screams. And wake up I did. I woke up to an extra loud alarm that startled me and left me woozy, but within 15 minutes of drinking Bang, I was starting to feel focused and on top of my game. The kick was good for about 5 hours and ended with a mild crash that I corrected with some cold water.

What can I say? Excellent kick!

Cost - courtesy of Energy Drink Heaven
Taste - 7.5/10
Energy - 10/10

Overall - 17.5/20...tastes like any other fruit punch, but lights a fire in you

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