Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink

This is the last of the Band energy drinks that  I got courtesy of Energy Drink Heaven.


Blue Razz is a very generic flavor and almost all manufacturers, if not all, sell a beverage with this flavor. Bang's variation has no color and has an artificial scent, but you can easily distinguish blueberry and raspberry notes. The taste has a similar artificial note to it, but again you distinguish between the raspberry and the blueberry flavors. The raspberry one comes up first and has a bit of sourness to it, while the blueberry doesn't appear in all its glory until the finish.

Being a 0 calories beverage, there is a strong presence of artificial sweeteners. Unlike the other Bang energy drinks I tried before, the sweetener presence is much, much stronger with this one and it starts from the moment it touches your tongue until well after the last sip. And it gets stronger with every sip. So be aware of this.


The same old 300 mg of caffeine are present in this can and like all the other Bang products, this one makes you GO! I started to feel the effects within 15 minutes. I felt pepper up all of the sudden and then within a few minutes I was feeling more focused. I didn't experience any jitters, but I was on the verge. The caffeine wave hit me within another 20 minutes and I rode it for a good 4-5 hours. The end came with a mild crash, but nothing a glass of water couldn't fix.

Out of all the Bang energy drinks, this is my least favorite one because of the boring flavor and the strong presence of artificial sweetener. But that energy! The caffeine content more than makes up for it.

Cost - courtesy of Energy Drink Heaven
Taste - 6.5/10
Energy - 10/10

Overall - 16.5/20...boring flavor, but a great energy rush

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