Thursday, September 8, 2016

Xyience Cherry Lime Energy Drink

For years I passed by this drink because I swore I tried and reviewed it, but nope! This idiot had only tried and reviewed Xyience's Cherry Rush, not Cherry Lime! But no big deal, because Energy Drink Heaven hooked me up with a can.


This pinkish liquid has a very sweet scent that reminds me of a soda..or pop, or whatever you call carbonated sugary drinks in your region. The cherry is present at the front, but you also get an all-too-familiar Mountain Dew-like citrus back. 

The first few sips are messy, but around the third or fourth sip you will start noticing alternating cherry and citrus flavors. The cherry comes first and reminds me of cough syrup because of the flavoring that was used, but then comes the citrus and washes it off and leaves this sweet Mountain Dew-like finish. In the aftertaste comes the cherry again but now it is more developed. If you give it another minute or two, the citrus comes back and forms this cream soda/Mountain Dew lingering end. 

I think that "Cherry Citrus" would have been a more fitting name. Lime notes are noticeable, but so are a slew of other citrus peels.


There are 176 mg of caffeine and the effects are very similar to the other Xyience drinks. Within 15 minutes of starting to drink this, I was starting to feel more awake and focused. Right before the caffeine was starting to kick in, I felt a bit jittery, but that was only for a brief moment. Once the caffeine kicked in, I was flying for about 3 to 4 hours and didn't have much of a rough landing when the effects wore off. Some water fixed me right up.

Cost - courtesy of Energy Drink Heaven
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 8.2/10

Overall - 16.2/20...always check your notes to see if you actually had tried an energy drink before

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