Friday, January 6, 2017

Marley One Drop Vanilla Swirl Chocolate Coffee

Following the same release schedule as a few years back (5-6 years), Marley Beverage Co released some coffee drinks as well under the One Drop label. I got this fine can of One Drop Vanilla Swirl Chocolate from a 7-11 near me for $2.99.


Pour this into a classy clear glass, because it looks classy as f***. The color is light brown and if you shake it a little before opening it, a very nice crema will form on top, which makes this beverage look like something you got from a coffee shop.

This One Drop smells like a sweet iced coffee with notes of vanilla and chocolate...which I guess is exactly as described on the label - vanilla swirl chocolate. It tastes incredibly sweet at first with a crushing wave of sugar, vanilla and milk chocolate. If you were to focus for a moment, you will feel like you are actually eating soft serve vanilla/chocolate ice cream. The coffee flavor comes in right after and introduces mildly bitter notes but they help control the sweetness for a moment, because the finish comes with another wave of sugar and more of the ice cream flavors. The aftertaste is surprisingly delicious with mild vanilla, milk chocolate and coffee notes. Some milk funkness appears for a moment, but it is well under control compared to other milk-based iced coffees.


There is no clear indication of how much caffeine is in the can and I was not successful finding an answer through the internets, but maybe if you spend more than 10 seconds searching and find the answer, please leave a comment below. I will speculate that the can contains around 100 - 120 mg of caffeine based on the effects.

Compared to other sugary iced coffees, the effects are a bit slower to come, but when they come, expect a 10-15 minute period of focus and a very brief jittery period. Very weird. For me, the caffeine kick was surprisingly clean. I felt more calm, yet and awake for the 2 hours than overcaffeinated and excited as I would have felt with a comparable energy drink. The end was without any drama.

When I first bought this drink, I felt like I would get diabetes and my nerves will be shaken, but I actually really enjoyed the taste and the performance. I would not make this my go-to drink given its sweetness level, but it is definitely one to try.

Cost - $2.99
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 7/10

Overall - 16/20...sweet, but rich with a calm kick

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