Sunday, May 31, 2009

T2U Review

Along with all the iced coffee drinks I picked up, I also bought a few tea beverages. The first one I tried was called Tea to You, or simply T2U. The bottle was great - thin aluminium with the bottom much similar to any beverage can. The one thing I do not recall was the price of this particular drink. I do believe it was around the $1.50 mark because I don't remember thinking how expensive it was.

The tea tastes exactly, and I really mean it, like a good cup of sencha. It was not a watered down green tea drink similar to one you can find at convenience stores, but the real deal - chilled sencha with no additives. I should also mention that the taste may not suit everyone as it is not sweetened and it's slightly on the bitter end. The aftertaste was very clean and refreshing.

Overall I absolutely loved this drink and will buy it again when I go to t & t.

Cost - 9/10 (as mentioned, do not remember how much, but it was around $1.50 CA)
Taste - 9/10

Overall - 18/20

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  1. I love this organic green tea from T2u as well. This is the purest green tea i have ever taste it and its really good for your health. I bought it around $1.99 in an asian surpermarket.