Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beaver Buzz Core Energy Drink Review

I went to a different 7-11 last night to see if they have anything different. I came out with a Beaver Buzz Energy Drink, the Core one. I really didn't know what to expect from a drink with a Core flavour. This Beaver Buzz cost me $2.59 CAD, which is $0.60 CAD more than what Shoppers Drug Mart sells them for.

The easiest way to describe this is to say that it tastes like the regular Monster. This beverage even has the same yellow color. There is a slight difference in taste though, the Beaver Buzz Core does not have the same, strong cough syrup taste. It is still present, but it is very mild. Also, this one taste a bit sweeter than Monster, but the sweetness does not last long. If you gulp it down real quick, you will experience a taste that is very sweet towards the end, but it fades away very fast in the aftertaste. Weird. Another subtle difference is the slight sour aftertaste once the sweetness has gone away.

Now, about the energy boost. There are two labels on the back and of course the two list different caffeine amounts. Before you say that they list the caffeine on different basis, they do not. Both the labels give caffeine amounts on a per can basis. One gives 100 mg caffeine, the other 150 mg. Also, both the labels give ginseng, guarana and taurine amounts so it is not like the greater caffeine amount already includes the caffeine from the ginseng and guarana extracts. If you know anything about this difference in caffeine content, let me know.

Cost - $2.59 CAD from 7-11
Taste - 6.9/10...not a big fan of the Monster taste, but I am giving this one a slightly higher score because of the subtle differences
Energy - 7.2/10

Overall - 14.1/20...not bad, but you might want to try the Berry Beaver Buzz or the Green Tea Beaver Buzz

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