Friday, December 11, 2009

Inked Berry Energy Shot Review

Continuing with the Inked energy shots line, today I am trying the berry shot. I got this energy shot from 7-11 for $2.69 CAD.

Twisting the top open I was not greeted by the most pleasant aroma in the World. It was a combination between cough medicine, Red Bull and concentrated berry syrup. The taste is similar to the Inked Citrus shot, but with this one you can taste the flavour. The taste is slightly sour at first, but the bitterness is overwhelming. In fact, it is so overwhelming that it stays in your mouth for quite some time. The berry taste manages to emerge once again the finish, but for a very brief period of time. Long after you have downed the shot, traces of the berry flavour battle it out with the bitterness and the other energy ingredients. The taste of berries comes and goes for a few minutes, but overall it is very weak. I think this is a notch better than the citrus shot, but it is still not a very good tasting energy shot.

Just like the other Inked energy shot, this one contains 150 mg of caffeine. I got a decent energy boost within 15 minutes, but just like the other Inked shot, it soon became overwhelming. I was jittery for a while, but once the jitters subsided, I was feeling energized for a long time. Great energy boost, if you are OK with the taste.

Cost - $2.69 CAD
Taste - 3.7/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 11.7/20...meh, it is a choice between energy and taste

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