Monday, November 1, 2010

Perky Jerky Review

I know this doesn't quite fit here, but it does have caffeine, though only from the added guarana. The package is small, but it does compare to the small jerky packs you can get at gas stations for a couple of dollars.


When I first opened the pack, I was greeted by a sour aroma, which was not the most inviting scent, but I soldiered on. The pieces of jerky actually taste much better than they smell. They are peppery, savory and just salty enough. Even compared to regular jerky, they are quite tasty. The added guarana can be tasted but after several pieces. It doesn't ruin the overall taste, it certainly changes it a little. The more I ate, the more peppery the taste got, which was great because I love heat.


Can't say there is much of it, but it does give you a slight boost...just enough to perk you up.

Cost - $3.00 from
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 2/10

Overall - 11/20...I liked the way it tastes, but it doesn't have very much caffeine

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